Low EMF Infrared Portable Saunas
EMF means electromagnetic fields. Infrared waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum produced by the sun or any significant method of burning or other production method (such as electrical power). Infrared waves are on the low end of the spectrum where the wavelengths are long and less intense. Infrared waves are just below those of visible light. They are “gentle” waves that give off heat. Electromagnetic waves that are dangerous to humans, plants, and animals are those in the upper end of the spectrum, such as ultraviolet, x-rays, and microwaves. The wavelength is closer or tighter and more intense. Any of these wavelengths in moderation are generally safe to humans, plants, and animals; it is with prolonged exposure that damage occurs. Electromagnetic fields in areas of high frequency and intensity (such as around high voltage power lines) are dangerous.

Infrared Saunas produce only the gentle long waves of the electromagnetic spectrum. They do not produce EMFs in any significant amount. You would receive more EMFs to your body from watching television or by using your microwave than you would ever receive from your Infrared Sauna.