Purchasing a spa is a major outlay and you need to know that after months and years of use you can rely on a back up and warranty service.

Here at QualitySpas we have been looking after hundreds of spas for many years and are proud to offer a reliable service, not only to our own customers but to any spa owner. All our spas have Warranties on the electrical equipment, plumbing and shell and these can be extended for even greater peace of mind. We hold parts in stock and can have your spa back in service within days. Another reason for choosing QualitySpas.

For further information on spa repairs, warranties and breakdowns please visit www.spafixnorth.co.uk
Periodic Maintenance
As you would look after your car it makes sense to periodically service your spa. A bio-film flush of the spa internals prevents the build up of any spa nasties and a 10 point check of the spa equipment can prevent expensive repairs. This can also highlight adverse water conditions which can cause corrosion or scale build up, leading to problems over a long period. Spas should be serviced at least once a year.
Turnkey Packages
To compliment our superb spas we also offer a complete service for your outdoor living area. We can design your patio, deck, gazebo, or summer house to your exact requirements and incorporate your spa as the focal point. Be it a design for relaxation and calm or an active space for family entertaining we can make it happen from start to finish. Ask to see some of our previous projects.
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